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Seguros Global, Inc.

                  Insurance Agency & Tax Services

Protect Yourself With an Insurance Package

Seguros Global, Inc. is your trusted insurance company. We provide Georgians with accurate, friendly, and affordable auto, home, business, and title bond insurance plans. Rest assured that we always have your best interests in mind when you take advantage of any of our services.

Why Get Insured?

An insurance policy is an important tool in protecting your investments, especially with today’s highly volatile environment. Natural calamities and instances of violence are seemingly more commonplace today, increasing the possibility of your properties being damaged. With our insurance policies, you’ll be able to get the peace of mind that you deserve no matter what type of problem you may encounter.

By purchasing our auto insurance, you can get access to the various types of coverage that will help you protect different losses. You can have the freedom to choose which one to include in your personal insurance package.

Discover a range of business protection and employee benefit solutions offered by top insurance carriers. Protect your employees with our worker’s compensation policy and your assets with our general liability package.

We provide different types of insurance policies for renters and owners of houses, apartments, condominiums, and mobile homes. Talk to our agent to learn more about what’s included in our home insurance coverage.

Recreational policies usually cover a combination of liability, collision, theft, and other related coverages tailored to specific client requirements. We offer insurance policies for boats, ATVs, RVs, travel trailers, and motorcycles. 

When you buy our title bond insurance, you purchase the right solution to help you safeguard your property. Protect what matters most to you by finding a surety bond that will work best for you no matter your situation. 

We ensure to make tax preparation a hassle-free experience for you. Hire us to efficiently manage your finances and file your income returns in a timely fashion, so you can become audit-ready during tax seasons.

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